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lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

The adventures of Don Quixote for iPad

Those of you lucky enough to own an iPad can as of today download "The Adventures of Don Quixote" for the special promotional price of $ 0.99.

This is much more than an electronic book, it is fully interactive. Its pages are filled with surprises for the smallest children, and the not so small - animations, puzzles and games with which to interact with our noble knight hero.

I can assure you that it has been an absolute pleasure to work on this project, known as Touch of Classic. Not only have I been able to illustrate this fabulous character, but also the Media Minds team have given me total creative freedom. And not just that, I have been given the chance to be involved in all the aspects of the production of the app, giving my opinion, and taking part, making it feel very much my project.

All the illustrations are mine, those of the book and those of the interface. Programming was done by appslab, who have done a great job. Special thanks to Enrique, Roberto and Angel, who have all contributed ideas that made the final product better. And none of this would have been possible without the support of Media MInds, in  particular Nico and Helena, who is rapidly becoming my personal agent ;-)

Also involved was Michael Kropf, who composed some fabulous music that adds to the atmosphere and last but not least Miguel Ángel Pérez Carrión and Jonathan D. Mellor, who leant the superb voices to the English and Spanish narrations.

As you can see a lot of people have been involved and combined their respective talents to give life to this creature. And this has only just begun, very soon we will be launching the next in the series, Midsummernight's Dream, and also in the pipeline is Frankenstein.

I really hope that you have the chance to experience these books first hand, and if you enjoy them, to give us a rating on the Appstore. I will be sincerely grateful.


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